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​Family Law
  • Ms. Brewin has extensive experience negotiating settlements. Most family law cases are resolved with negotiated or mediated settlements. We believe that most of our client's objectives can be accomplished through settlement efforts, and at the same time, minimize attorney fees and the stressful emotional impact facing our clients.​
  • ​However, there are times when a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be acheived, and litigation is the answer to resolving a case. Ms. Brewin has substantial and successful trial experience for cases that require litigation.
  • Please feel free to contact Ms. Brewin for further information and to schedule an appointment at 612.272.6405.
Family Law/Mediation
Family Law is a sensitive and complex area of the law. Ms. Brewin represents family law clients in marriage dissolutions; child support matters; post decree matters, including: custody, parenting time and other modification and enforcement issues; paternity cases; and orders for protection. 
  • Ms. Brewin is a qualified mediator, listed on the Minnesota Rule 114 Roster as a mediator, an early social neutral evaluator and an early financial neutral evaluator.   
  • Mediation is a beneficial tool in resolving many issues in family law. Mediation allow parties to create unique agreements that work best for their family. The parties have an opportunity to work together to achieve a mutually acceptable solution to their issues.
  • Another useful means in resolving family law matters is the use of early neutral evaluators. Early neutral evaluations can be effective in the early stages of dissolutions or custody cases, providing an opportunity to resolve matters quickly, amicably and without the expense of costly litigation.
  • Please feel free to contact Ms. Brewin for further information on her mediation services, or to schedule a mediation session at 612.272.6405